What is The Best Propane Burner for Outdoor Canning?

Canning is one of the most popular methods used for preserving the food that people produce. This method of preservation involves heating food in a container in order to destroy the micro-organisms present inside the food that causes it to spoil. This process is usually done outdoors and it requires a variety of tools and cooking apparatus in order to execute.
The main principle behind Canning is to apply heat to the food and this is the reason why it is important to use the best propane burners available in order to accomplish this task. But how would we know which outdoor cookers would work best for Canning?

Two Types of Canning Method

To answer the question of what propane burner for outdoor Canning is best to use, we should first identify what types of Canning methods are available to perform because it is important to understand how each process works in order to come up with an idea of what type of propane burner will work best for our required task.
To get us started, here are the two types of methods that are used in the Canning process.

Boiling Water Bath Method

The Boiling Water Bath method is a type of Canning method that is used for prolonging the shelf life of high acid foods. High acid food is a type of food that has pH level (Acidity) of 4.6 or lower. Food such as peaches, pickles, and jams belong to this food group.
This method involves placing food into boiling water in order to kill the remaining bacteria that are present inside the food. This type of Canning method works well with high acid food because this type of food group contains higher amounts of acidity which prevent the growth of bacteria, making it possible to destroy them at boiling point.


Pressure Canning

Pressure Canning is a Canning method that is used for food with lower acidity levels. Foods such as poultry, red meats, milk, vegetables, and seafood have high pH levels which allow bacteria to grow.
This Canning method involves heating food dipped on a preserving recipe at a temperature of 240°F for a determined period of time in order to kill the harmful bacteria present in the food that will cause it to spoil.

Choosing The Best Propane Burner for Outdoor Canning

Now that we know the two types of methods used for Canning, we can know determine what outdoor cookers to use when performing such task.
To help you choose the best propane burners for Canning, here are some helpful guidelines that you can follow when choosing a propane burner:

Boiling Water Method

The ideal propane burners to use for The Boiling Water Method are those that can accommodate large containers filled with water. It should be durable and should be able to withstand heavy items. The ideal burner should also be able to produce heat fast enough in order to make the boiling process easier.
In addition, depending on the quantity of work needed for the task, a two or three burner stove is ideal in order to accomplish the task.

Pressure Canning

The ideal propane burners to use for Pressure Canning are those that can produce the high-temperature heat needed for Pressure Canning. It must have the capability to produce enormous flames for long periods of time in order to accomplish the task. A 2-burner stove that runs on a separate tank for each burner is best for this task because it allows each burner to produce high heat for longer periods of time, which is necessary when performing Pressure Canning tasks. For more information read needstove.com

The Best Propane Burners

The best propane burner for outdoor canning really depends on the type of method and procedures that you apply when preserving the food that you produce. One type of burner may be the best for a particular person but may not work well on another. You really have to identify the capabilities needed by a propane burner to have, in order to choose what will work best for the type of work that you need to accomplish.